The table below is list of the model/chassis codes for BMW models, including Mini and RR

Chassis CodeProduction yearsModel
1001955 - 1962Isetta
1011955 - 1962Isetta 250
1021955 - 1962Isetta 300
1031955 - 1962Isetta CKD/SKD
1071959 - 1965700 Sedan
E31968-19772500-3.3Li Sedan
E91965-19752500-3.0 CS/i/L Coupes
E121972-19815 Series
E211975-19833 Series
E231977-19877 Series
E241977-19896 Series
E281982-19885 Series
E301984-19913 Series
E311990-19988 Series
E321987-19947 Series
E341989-19955 Series
E361992-19993 Series
E36/51994-1998318ti (Compact)
E381995-19987 Series
E38 LCI1999-2001
E391997-19995 Series
E39 LCI2000-2003
E461999-20053 series
E532000-2003X5 SAV
E53 LCI2004-2006
E602004-20065 Series Sedan
E60 LCI2007-2010
E612004-20115 Series Wagon
E632005-20076 Series Coupe
E63 LCI2008-2012
E642005-20076 Series Convertible
E64 LCI2008-2012
E652002-20047 Series short wheelbase
E65 LCI2005-2009
E662002-20047 Series long wheelbase
E65 LCI2005-2009
E702007-2010X5 SAV
E70 LCI2010-later
E712007+X6 SAC
E822008+1 Series Coupe
E832003-2006X3 SAV
E83 LCI2007-2010
E842009+X1 SAV
E852003-2005Z4 / MZ4 Roadster
E85 LCI2006-2008
E862006-2008Z4 / MZ4 Coupe
E882008+1 Series Convertible
E892009+Z4 Convertible Coupe
E902006-20083 Series Sedan
E90 LCI2010-2012
E912006-20083 Series Touring Wagon
E90 LCI2010-2012
E922007-20103 Series Coupe
E92 LCI2011-2013
E932007-20103 Series Convertible
E93 LCI2011-2013
F012008+7 Series short-wheelbase
F022008+7 Series long-wheelbase
F062012+6 Series Gran Coupe
F072009+5 Series GT
F102010-20135 Series Sedan
F10 LCI2014-later
F112011+5 Series Touring Wagon
F122012+6 Series Convertible
F132012+6 Series Coupe
F152014+X5 SAV
F202013+1 Series hatchback
F222014+2 Series Coupe
F232014+2 Series Convertible
F252011+X3 SAV
F262014+X4 SAV
F302012-20153 Series Sedan
F30 LCI2016+3 Series Sedan facelift
F312013+3 Series Wagon
F322014+4 Series Coupe
F332014+4 Series Convertible
F342014+3 Series Gran Turismo
F362015+4 Series Gran Coupe
F44concept1 Series Gran Turismo
F45concept1 Series Active Tourer
F46concept1 Series City Car
F472016+X2 SAV
F482016+X1 SAV
F802015+M3 Sedan
F822015+M4 Coupe
F832015+M4 Convertible
F872016M2 Coupe
F902018 (est.)M5
F972018 (est.)X3M
F982018 (est.)X4M
G012017 (est.)X3
G022017 (est.)X4
G052018 (est.)X5
G072017 (est.)X7(?)
G082018 (est.)X3 LWB
G1120167 series SWB
G1220167 series LWB
G1420176 series cabrio
G1520176 series coupe
G1620176 series Gran Coupe
G202018 (est)3 series sedan
G212018 (est)3 series wagon
G222018 (est)4 series coupe
G232018 (est)4 series cabrio
G242018 (est)3 series GT
G262018 (est)4 series Gran Coupe
G292018 (est)Z5 roadster
G302017 (est)5 series sedan
G312017 (est)5 series wagon
G322017 (est)5 series GT
I012013 - 2020BMW i3
I122014 - 2018BMW i8 Coupe
I152018 -BMW i8 roadster
R50 (1)2000 - 2006MINI One, MINI One D
R50 (2)2000 - 2006MINI Cooper
R522002 - 2008MINI Convertible
R532000 - 2006MINI Cooper S, MINI Cooper S JCW GP
R552007 - 2014MINI Clubman
R55 (JCW)-MINI Clubman - John Cooper Works
R55 (MUE)-MINI Clubman - LCI
R562005 - 2012MINI
R56 (JCW)-MINI - John Cooper Works
R572008 - 2015MINI Convertible
R57 (JCW)-MINI Convertible - John Cooper Works
R57 (MUE)-MINI Convertible - LCI
R582012 - 2019MINI Coupe
R58 (JCW)-MINI Coupe - John Cooper Works
R592012 - 2019MINI Roadster
R59 (JCW)-MINI Roadster - John Cooper Works
R602010 - 2017MINI Countryman
R60 (JCW)-MINI Countryman - John Cooper Works
R612013 - 2020MINI Paceman
R61 (JCW)-MINI Paceman - John Cooper Works
F542015 - 2021MINI Clubman
F552015 - 2022MINI 5 door
F562013 -MINI 3 door
F572016 -MINI Convertible
F602017 - 2025MINI Countryman
RR12003 - 2017Rolls-Royce Phantom
RR22007 - 2014Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe
RR32008 - 2015Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe
RR42009 -Rolls-Royce Ghost
RR52013 -Rolls-Royce Wraith
RR62016 -Rolls-Royce Dawn
RR112017 -Rolls-Royce Phantom
RR122017 -Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB

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