North East England Overnighter ~ 4th/5th March 2017

Words – Gary  
Photos – © Evs Gaz Photography  

This months meet was something of an epic journey, well for most of us anyway.  Andy Wilson our resident adopted Scotsman and his lovely wife Disco Debbie (I never knew she had a drink problem until I saw her sober one day) organised this months meet for us.

I think he was fed up travelling up to the Scottish meets and doing hundreds of miles so thought he would give us a taste of our own medicine by organising our March meet in his neck of the woods.

The gang travelled to County Durham on the Saturday where we met up at our digs for the night, near to Newcastle.

As usual copious amounts of alcohol were consumed (Debbie was the ring leader) with much hilarity and frivolity.

During the evenings entertainment, a small presentation was made.

You see Maw had only went and bought herself a rather smart M240i ( I’m sure shes pockiling the kitty that one) and at a previous meet was bemoaning the fact that she would love a private plate to go along with the one on her E46 M3.

John McCall’s  lovely partner (despite being from Kilmarnock ) Lisa overheard this and suggested to John that it would be a nice gesture from the members if we had a whip round and bought her it as a thank you for all the hard work she does for us all.

So John hatched his plan and via facebook. Now to keep you in the loop I had to sell my body and out of the 500 clients, well I say clients, victims is probably a more apt description, I still had to put money to this (miserable sods you know who you are).

John and Lisa presented Maw with her new plate. To see her speechless was well worth my 50p contribution, and took some of pain of me spending money, out of it. As I write this my car tax is due o my M3 if anyone is reading this………..Just saying

There were tears and snotters everywhere, and I had to spend another 50p for tissues for her. That bloody wumin costs me money everywhere we go.

The next morning we all met at the local eatery for a well earned heart attack on a plate breakfast, and the rest of the North East members, that Andy had arranged, met up with us.

 A route was planned and maps handed out, along with a wee fridge magnet, at least I got something for my 50p.

Andy headed off in front and took us over the Pennine Hills. I swear I saw God’s Chassis number we were that close to him at points. At one juncture an oxygen mask fell down from my headliner in my car, Andy.

Some awesome scenery was consumed with some epic roads thrown in for good measure. We stopped at Killhope Lead Mining museum for some pictures and regroup before Andy and by now sobering up Debbie took us to someones house for a wee bite to eat. I’m sure this was his granny’s house as it was that homely, before we all broke up to head our separate ways.

400 miles later and all I can say is what a fantastic meet this was, beautiful scenery, roads and  great company as usual, even though it did cost me 50p more than I was expecting to pay…………Well I am a Scotsman after all..

Until next time